Luxury mini soy candle 100ml
Luxury mini soy candle 100ml
Luxury mini soy candle 100ml
Luxury mini soy candle 100ml

Luxury mini soy candle 100ml

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Our Sparkle & Glow collection


Rachel Beth Jewellery Candles 100ml

Handmade in Australia 


These luxury scented candle are housed in a beautiful matte white jar  and a wood wick, and have approx burn time of 24 hours*.


These candles will help  enhance the ambiance of your space  and serve as an indulgent reminder of allowing your own unique light to shine through.


Our candles come in the following fragrances:

  • Lemongrass & Cedarwood
  • Lychee Guava Sorbet & Vanilla
  • Lavender & Ylang Ylang
  • Japanese Honeysuckle


Each candle is packaged in our signature Canvas Linen Bag.


Our Sparkle & Glow collection candles is the ideal gift, whether for yourself or a cherished loved one. Elevate moments with elegance and style. 🌟


*By following the below steps, your candle will illuminate for approximately 24 hours,



  • Maximize the Magic: When igniting your candle for the first time, patiently let the wax melt until it embraces the edges of the jar. This ritual not only creates a candle memory but ensures a clean and consistent burn, extending your candle's lifespan.


  • Pace the Glow: Enjoy your candle in cozy intervals. Keep each burn session under 2 hours to prevent overheating, preserving the candle's integrity and fragrance for many evenings to come.


  • Wick Wisdom: After your candle has worked its charm and cooled down, delicately trim the wick to a approx 5mm length before reigniting. This keeps pesky wick 'mushrooming' at bay, ensuring your candle stays in perfect shape.


  • Draft-Free Delight: A draft free environment promotes an even, long-lasting burn.


  • Cool and Collected: Store your cherished candles in a serene, dry sanctuary, far from the reach of direct sunlight. This preserves their essence, so you can savor their glow whenever you desire.