Choosing a Sapphire

Choosing a Sapphire



Sapphires come in a rainbow of colours and hues & Saturations. Anywhere from velvety blues to teal, Parti and even bi-coloured stones.



in terms of carat weight of a diamond vs sapphire. Sapphires are a denser material so a 1ct sapphire will look smaller in millimeter size than a diamond.



Each Sapphire is cut to get the best colour and brilliance out of Every stone. There isn’t a standard cut for ideal stones, every sapphire is uniquely cut.



Sapphires generally have some inclusions. They can be a feature and add to the appearance and value of the stone. Silk needle like lines can create a star effect, and other inclusions can add to the velvet appearance of the stone.



Sapphires feature a high score of 9/10 on the Mohs hardness scale, making them exceptionally hard and an ideal choice for everyday wear as well.


Ethical stones

All our sapphires are natural stones from reputable suppliers whether local or overseas, we have dealt with for over 20 years in the jewellery industry.

Majority of our sapphires come from Australian mines, in Queensland & Northern NSW. Australian sapphires are mined with transparent & strict mining practices, mining companies must also return the land to its original state once mining has ceased.